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Friday October 27, 2017


The TransHuman Seduction

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm





Director: Phillipe McKie

Japan/Canada 11 min

In tomorrow's Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon. Wanted, the parasitic A.I becomes her only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking to salvage it.



Director: Bryce Kraehenbuehl

Australia, 7 min

Upon waking at his desk, a computer scientist discovers that he has developed a sentient computer. As the scientist realizes the computer is not yet fully functional, it begins to ask for more than he expected.



Director: Stefano Nurra

US, 15 min

A grieving plumber seeks out a disgraced quantum physicist to rid himself of a tormenting "Hum".



Director: Takeshi Asai

Japan, 5 min

A girl encounters an android on the street. She finds something strange about the experience and decides to follow the android to give it a 'message.'



Director: Christian Jilka

Austria, 30 min

"Noriko" tells the story of dystopian future times, at the end of human civilization. Kestas Kukuris lost his wife Dalia and decides to bring her back to life by building her a robot twin. This, however, displeases the communities priest, for in his eyes it is an act of blasphemy.



Director: Marcelo Takeo

Brazil, 11 min

Alec is the only survivor on the planet, spending his time with digitized recordings - the only remaining vestiges of mankind. Now, with the imminent destruction of the world by the Sun, he must find a way to save these memories.



Director: Christopher Goodman

UK 8 min

A young engineer wakes up from cryo-sleep during a routine deep space flight on the star freighter 'Mayflower'. The ship's computer informs him that he was awoken due to a false alarm. But all is not as it seems.




Fight The Future

9:30 pm - 11:00 pm



Director: Stuart Black and Nick Mather

UK, 5 min

London 2056 - the city is dying and those living in the smog-clogged ruins live by their wits. Those who can afford to opt out of the desperation upload their consciousnesses to Cloud 9. This is advertised as a one way ticket to virtual heaven - but can the Company who run it really be trusted? Virgil and Mary have different attitudes: she wants to go, he doesn't. Can she persuade him to 'ascend' before he dies from terminal illness?



Director: Bart Wasem

Switzerland, 7 minutes

An epic and odd nightmarish comedy about the abuse of almighty power. ´Justice is only felt by the victors' (H. Nitschke).



Director: Grant Harvey

South Africa, 11 minutes

Tears In The Rain is a short film set in the world of Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

(1968) as well as the motion picture Blade Runner. (1982)



Director: Marc Adamson

UK, 9 min

Under a dictatorship that has banned music, a man hides a recording until he is caught and imprisoned. Whilst paying for his crimes he stumbles across a repository of confiscated items, leading to a series of events that will forever change the city.



Diretor: Wilke Weermann

Germany, 17 min

In a world, where it seems to be normal to be alone, Simon gets a package for his supposedly dead neighbor. These supernatural object should drive him insane. After the neighbors are startingto stalk him, Simon realizes that there is a secret organization, who wants to destroy his life. So he starts his counterattack.



Directed by Bruce McAllister and Benjamin McAllister

US, 7 min

It's a near-future America where scientists have discovered how to talk to ghosts, and the Justice Department gathers testimony from the ghosts of murder victims. John Klinger, lone technician at a desert listening station, spends his days and nights recording the testimony of the ghosts assigned to him.



Director: Veselin Efremov

Denmark, 5 min

In a dystopian future, organic body is a privilege easy to lose.This live action was
made on the UNITY game.


Split Ticket

Director: Alfred Thomas Catalfo

USA, 20 min

In 1947, newly-minted congressmen/future presidents John F. Kennedy, age 29, and Richard Nixon, age 34, travel to Pennsylvania where they must make a fateful decision. A supernatural drama based on true events. Philip K. Dick predicted Richard Nixon's comeback in his 1964 novelette, “What The Dead Men Say,” based his character Ferris Freeman on Nixon in “Radio Free Albemuth,” and had a fictional battle with Nixon in Michael Bishop's novel “Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas.”



Saturday October 28, 2017


The Lurking Shadow

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Director: A.D.Cooper

UK, 5 min

A desperate woman seeks help from an unlikely source in a dark place. Neither of them realise that their futures will be decided by the flip of a coin.



Director: Pierre TeuliËres

France, 13 min

In an isolated mansion, a creature follows the orders of his master in order to accomplish a shady plan that will change the world. Meanwhile, a desperate father is looking for his missing daughter



Director: Benedykt Zasadzki

UK, 29 min

Ana arrives in London from Eastern Europe. She wanders the city alone. In British Museum she acquires telepathic contact with an ancient Egyptian spiritual entity. In a vision, she gets raped and impregnated by the entity. She descends into madness. The film ends with the birth of Antichrist and his overtaking of the world.



Director: Lucas Rios

Argentina, 2 minutes

A man breaks into a little girl's bedroom with evil intent...but, as he lurks through the darkness, he'll come to know evil has much to fear in the light, as he'll find there are more horrific things than his intent.



Director: Kyra Gardner

US, 8 minutes

A filmmaker who grew up with the Chucky doll seeks out the other families surrounding the franchise to get their perspective on life with Chucky.



Director: Brent Murray

USA, 7 min

A manís quest to find the perfect cuckoo clock will cost him much more than he could ever imagine.Based on a story by Philip K. Dick.



Director: Zev Chevat

USA, 5 min

A young street artist encounters a vicious group of local schoolchildren, and learns what truly makes a monster.



Director: Devi Snively

USA, 18 min

In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.




Loss and Rememberance

9:00 pm - 11:00 pm





Director: Elias Ganster

USA, 86 minutes

A man haunted by the mysterious death of his 4-year-old sister brings her back to life thirty years later as an adult woman, with dire consequences.

Staring Dee Wallace (E.T.,The Howling,Cujo) and Tristan Risk-( American Mary, Editor)



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